Range Rules

Only range qualified members are allowed to shoot on the rifle and pistol range. Qualification is signified by a colored dot on the membership card.

  • Eye and Ear protection is mandatory on the range
  • Firearms must be unloaded when entering or exiting the range
  • Membership card shall be clearly displayed at all times
  • The red light shall be turned on and an announcement made whenever a shooter moves past the firing line to go down range. The announcement shall be made inside and outside the pistol house if shooters are present in these locations.
  • NO handling of firearms or ammunition are allowed while the red light is on. Place all firearms in a safe condition and step away from the firing positions.
  • No rapid fire allowed. This is to prevent “spraying” fire outside of the bullet traps. Do not fire at a rate that would prevent bullet placement within the bullet trap window. Careless rapid fire will circumvent one of the Club’s goals of preventing lead from reaching the environment.
  • Fully automatic firearms are strictly prohibited on club property.
  • No armor piercing or steel core ammunition is allowed on the range. This ammunition damages the bullet traps.
  • Shooting hours are from 9 AM to 1/2 hour before sunset, but no later than 7PM, whichever is earlier.
  • Minors and visitors are the responsibility of the sponsoring member and shall be under his/her supervision while on the range at all times. The sponsoring member shall not occupy a 2nd shooting position for the purpose of shooting while a minor or visitor under their control is shooting.
  • Minors and visitors shall be accompanied by the sponsoring club member while on the HR&GC property at all times.
  • Use paper targets only on the range. Center these targets in the opening of the bullet trap.
  • Members and their guest SHALL sign in and out on the clipboard in the pistol house.
  • NO shooting into the berm or ground.
  • Pick up your spent brass and paper targets and dispose in the receptacles provided.
  • Members acknowledge that they are using the facilities at their own risk.


Pistol Range Rules

The pistol house is intended for pistol and revolver use only.

Note:  .22 and .17 rimfire rifles are permitted and are the only type of rifle permitted in the pistol house.  There is signage on Lane 6 for the use of these rimfire rifles.

Under no circumstances will any firearm that is capable of firing a traditional* rifle round be permitted in the pistol house. For example, this includes AR-style platforms, whether modified or marketed as a pistol, that shoot high energy/high velocity rounds such as .223/5.56 NATO.  Also, pistols such as the TC Contender that shoot rifle rounds are not permitted.

Heavier, magnum firearms, like the .44 Magnum revolver or pistol, should be used on the mid-range target traps at the right hand side of the pistol house.

Paper targets only

Members and their guests must sign in on the log sheet found in the pistol house.

*Traditional rifle rounds are considered today’s modern rifle rounds that are typically used in long range shooting or hunting situations. If you have any questions please ask a club officer or contact us at this website.