Notices & Events


Tuesday, Sept 13, 2022


(1) The BOD committee assigned to the DES issues met with the DES on Thursday, the 22nd of September. The meeting was very positive whereas the DES committed to helping us find the lowest cost solution possible that meets the needs of the DES and they agreed to allow us to work the ultimate solution in a phased approach, working with the constraints of the club’s financial resources. We all felt this was a very positive step forward for the club and We will continue to update you as more information is available.

(2) The Gate to the Club is to be kept locked at all times. This means entering and locking the gate behind you while on Club property and locking it on the way out.
Exceptions: Special events / Club Meetings
Thursday event
New member orientation ( no key )
Background- The Club is experiencing non authorized persons / Non Members on Club Property

(3) Recently we received written notification from abutting neighbors in a very polite and professional manner. The subject was tree stands or Deer stands on private property. The neighbor wasn't complaining about hunting but wanted to remind hunters that placing tree stands , that in accordance with NHFG regulations, are of a permanent nature, damage trees, or any fixture into the tree, cutting of branches, on private property, require the permission of the land owner. It seems these stands have been up for years. After an investigation, one of the stand owners is deceased and the other stand is owned by a club member and was notified about this matter.
Bottom Line: If you decide to put up a tree stand wherever it is located on private property, it is always good practice to ask the owner’s permission and follow NHFG rules and advice on hunting on private property. We want to be good neighbors and support hunting in New Hampshire.
References: NH RSA 207:36a No discharge of a bow/firearm with-in 300' of an occupied dwelling
NHFG regulation and required permit for tree stand or blind other than a climbing or ladder stand.